Contemplarium? What's that?

It a place - or a person - filled with contemplative silence.

When we fill a place with water (aqua) we call it an aquarium. Or we could fill a place with sunlight (from the sun, sol) and we'd call it a solarium.

In the same way, when we fill a person or place with contemplation, we could call the result a contemplarium. And yes, that's a made up word.

A church or chapel can become a contemplarium, but so can a forest, car, or kitchen. And, of course, our own soul: the one place God most delights to dwell and be known.

How can I find a Contemplarium?

Contemplate. Immerse yourself in the loving presence of God wherever you are, in any way you can.

More specifically ...

   Simplify your life and find focus
      Pray the Psalms
         Meditate on the Gospels and other Scripture
            Embrace Silence
               Be Present, wherever you are
                  Live Healthily
                     Create margins, eliminate hurry
                        Love as though it really matters

What about this website?

Contemplarium.org is a resource for anyone seeking to become more immersed in the presence of God, guided by the teaching and practice of Jesus and the great Christian contemplative tradition. It was founded by the Benedictine Anglican priest Chris Webb and is open to all (Christians and others) who find it helpful.

Can you tell me more about Chris?

Oh, I thought you'd never ask... :-)

Chris Webb (also known as Brother Max to the members of his Benedictine community) is an Anglican priest, author and speaker passionate about helping people experience a richer walk with God by growing in prayer and the spiritual life.

Chris is author of The Fire of the Word (IVP, 2011) and a forthcoming book on the spirituality of the Kingdom of God (due in Spring 2017). He currently works as Deputy Warden at Launde Abbey and Diocesan Spirituality Adviser to the Diocese of Leicester.