Monday, 1 December 2014

Revenge is Sweet (Apparently)

This story from the Desert Fathers pretty much speaks for itself.
A brother complained to Abba Sisoes,
"I've been hurt by another brother
and I want revenge."
The old man begged him to reconsider.
"My son," he said,
"revenge is God's business."
But the brother replied,
"I'll not rest till I have vengeance."
"Fine," answered Abba Sisoes,
and stood up to pray.
"Oh God," he prayed,
"apparently we don't need you
to look after us any longer.
Now we can get justice on our own."
When the brother heard him
he fell at the old man's feet.
"Forgive me, abba," he pleaded,
"I'll let this matter with my brother rest."
Image: Lara604 via Wikimedia Commons 

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