Friday, 28 November 2014

Will God Accept Me?

Image: Public domain
There were certain career paths which were considered unacceptable for a Christian in the early centuries of the Church: acting was one, since ancient theatre was often associated with sex work and prostitution. Another (which might surprise or annoy some folks today) was the military. Soldiers were thought to be compromising their allegiance to Christ by continuing to serve in the forces, because of the inherent violence in their profession, and because Roman soldiers were required to pledge oaths of allegiance to Caesar which competed with their allegiance to Christ.

That bit of context might help us enter into the conversation today, between a soldier and one of the early Desert monks.

A soldier asked Abba Mius
whether God would accept his repentance.
The old man spent some time teaching him,
and finally asked,
"My dear friend, if you tore your cloak,
would you throw it out?"
"Absolutely not!" he replied.
"I'd repair it and continue to use it."
"Look, if you care that much about a cloak,"
the old man responded,
"don't you think God would care
at least that much
for one he has created?"

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