Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Which Spiritual Practices are Absolutely Essential?

Image: Robert Frank Gabriel via Wikimedia
What are the absolutely essential spiritual disciplines or practices?

I once met a very interesting former monk, William Wilson, who'd written a book called Four Essentials in which he proposed (not surprisingly) four key practices: the Jesus Prayer, lectio divina, discernment, and spiritual direction. It's an interesting selection, and I know from conversations with others that it wouldn't be everyone's choices.

So what are your four essentials?

I'd really love to know; it would help focus my thinking around some resources I'll be preparing in the near future. And if you're going to volunteer some ideas, it would be helpful to know whether you're nominating (a) four practices you have found personally essential or indispensable for you, or (b) four practices you believe would be absolutely key for the spiritual life of almost any disciple of Jesus.

It doesn't have to be exactly four, of course. You may have three or five (although that's starting to sound like an intro to a Monty Python routine...) But trying to pick exactly four might help sharpen your thinking a little.

So - four essential practices. What are they? Go!

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