Wednesday, 12 November 2014

This is What I'm About

Image: Chris Webb
I had some new business cards made up for my new roles as Spirituality Adviser here in the Diocese of Leicester, and as Deputy Warden of Launde Abbey. I decided to put something on the back which would give some clue about what I think I'm doing. Here's what I came up with: two short lines (the first a paraphrase of Dallas Willard, the second just me):

The aim of God in history
is the formation of
a community of loving people
with God at its very heart
as its most beautiful inhabitant.

And, following from that:

Christian spirituality
is the intentional opening of our lives
to the presence of God in Christ
so that, renewed by the Spirit of God,
we can flourish in this community.

Almost everything worthwhile I do seems to be about helping people either understand the former or experience the latter. So now, at least, I'll be able to hand them something simple to explain what I'm about.

Any thoughts? I'd be open to suggestions for the next printing ...!

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