Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A Vision of Beauty in Creation

"The mysteries of grace are 'not merely particular truths which lie beyond the natural order. They are a stupendous order all its own, a higher celestial world, a mystical cosmos' which, 'in its beauty and brilliance, infinitely surpasses everything that reason can attain in its highest flight.' It is 'like stars that together form a marvellous system of their own' and which 'intensify and illumine each other reciprocally and join together to make a marvellous system.' This beauty is God's substantial beauty itself ... God's beauty creates the beautiful things which he wishes to love. The created beauty is the object of God's glance; but, in the present, we can only believe in such beauty, not see it. By 'transposing our eye' to God's point of view, however, we can even now begin to see it, and, 'in eternity, we will see this beauty openly with God.' Theology is 'the dawn of the light of contemplation.' And Sacred Scripture itself, which shows us this supernatural cosmos in a veiled way, is 'a work of art objectively placed before man's eyes: a painting a drama of divine wisdom.'"

Hans Urs von Balthasar in The Glory of the Lord vol I, p. 107, quoting Matthias Joseph Scheeben.

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