Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ordinary, everyday wonders

Heading south this morning from Lampeter to Carmarthen I found myself passing from the ragged end of winter into the earliest days of spring. At the beginning of the journey I was surrounded by bare hedgerows and leafless trees, edged around meadows of grey-green grass that have seen too many overcast skies. But just twenty miles or so south the trees were budding, and the fields were a lush and verdant green - an impossibly saturated green, it seemed to my eyes, which had become so used to the browns and yellows of parched Colorado. Life is bursting out of the ground! And now I'm seeing the arrival of spring with fresh eyes, after five years away. How easy it is to miss the ordinary miracles and everyday wonders right in front of us, until something jolts us enough to gain a new perspective.

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