Friday, 19 April 2013

Business meetings: Building a better mousetrap

Last night I chaired our church's annual general meeting (which, for historic reasons, rejoices in the peculiar name of the "Easter Vestry"). Everything went smoothly and there were no serious causes for concern. But it was also pretty much like so many other business meetings I've sat through in the past, for churches, charities, community organisations, and commercial projects. Plugging through the agenda from one end to the other to get the business done. Very functional.

As a task completing exercise it does work, and often works well. But last night, as usual, there was precious little stillness, or beauty, or even presence. By that last I mean that, although there were plenty of us there, the business largely plodded along without particular reference to the remarkable and wonderful individuals gathered together to do it. It could have been any AGM in any church in the land. Which is perhaps why the whole thing felt so flat and dull, lacking in any creative spark.

So I'm thinking that before next year it would be interesting - and fun! - to build a better mousetrap. To dream up a more creative and contemplative approach to these business meetings. Something with more reflectivity, more personality, and certainly more open to the presence of God and the folks attending. Thinking cap on...

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